A Necessary Evil

The new year for most people usually means a change, a chance to start afresh,a better you, so most times it’s of little to no surprise when majority of people decide to get ‘in shape’ and lose the extra holiday inch.


Gyms and fitness centers are fully aware of this and take full advantage by giving discounts to lure in their prey, knowing fully well only a half of these people will see it past a few weeks. The weather however doesn’t make this commitment a reality for most people as a trip to the gym during the cold winter weather can be quite …discouraging. So most times we resolve to eating healthy, and jumping on any diet bandwagon we think we can handle while promising ourselves that once the weather gets a bit warmer, we’ll dust our running shoes and get to the gym. A couple of weeks and about 3 failed successive attempts at dieting we realize spring is just around the corner, the season for bulky clothes is gone,and we are left in front of our mirrors with the guilt…and extra belly roll.

I happen to be one of these people.

At 5ft10 and a 145lbs, I’m considered to be of average weight, but there’s just something about spring and less clothing that makes you want to get in better shape.

So, armed with tons of motivational posters like


P.S: who makes this stuff -__-

and a kick ass play list on my ipod, I got dressed.With my armband, ipod, bottle of water,asthma inhaler.. I took to the streets.

After a brief warmup, I got into Rocky mode while running to “eye of the tiger”. The thing about running on the streets in the winter is that it tends to be a lot harder than threadmill running which I was quite accustomed to.

I would find out the hard way.

A few minutes into my run, and a couple of car honks later (yeah it felt good, sue me :D) I was out of breath with a massive stitch in my side, not even


or a replay of eye of the tiger could get me to run any further.

No, no I couldn’t do it -__-

So you know what I did? I pulled out my asthma inhaler and walked back home. Yes, I’m not proud of my decision to blame it on my asthma, but it felt better than admitting temporary defeat, admitting that I’d let myself go, admitting that I couldn’t run a mile while same time last year, I could run at least four without breaking a sweat (not literally).

However, lesson learned and next time I’m taking my playlist and running shoes to the gym.

This still makes me feel good though.


quite cliche but it works.

~ Alexis Carter



We all have those moments in our lives when we think back and wish we had done things a bit different, made better decisions, taken opportunities presented to us, but then, each and every decision we’ve made has led us to the point where we are right now. it’s funny how you think back to certain points in your life and you realize how long ago that felt and how you thought you couldn’t get past that point in your life . Everyday we change, we grow and we become a (hopefully) better version of who we are, who we someday want to be. Everyone sees things differently, for instance, I find it easier to use pictorial representations, cause as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I visualize  life as a branch,Image

the main branch being our main path, we aren’t perfect and chances are we will stray onto one or more of the smaller weaker branches, that doesnt mean we wont get to where we’re going, it may take a couple of tries and chances are it might take a bit longer but it will hopefully be well worth it.  I’m writing this post to remind myself that it takes some people a lot longer that others to figure out what they are good at or what they’re meant to spend the rest of their lives doing. i’ve learnt that patience and passion are key. And it takes the former to find the latter.

Reflection is key, it reminds you of who you are, where you’re coming from, who you someday plan to be and why it is you’re doing what you do.


Everything you face makes you stronger, defines you a little more… a bit like building blocks, you grow, you adapt and when you actually stop and reflect, you realize… you’re a different you.



Alexis Carter.


Hi There!

My name is Alexis Carter and welcome to my blog 🙂 

I ‘m starting this blog because…I like to talk.lol. Probably not what you were expecting right? I have tons of interests and keeping track of them isn’t always easy, but then again, that’s why I’m here, i’ll probably be posting about a lot of things and I’d love to hear your views and opinions, that’s what makes blogging fun right? 😀 anyways back to the point. Alexis Carter isn’t my real name..more an alter ego. Funny thing is, when I was a kid, I absolutely loved the name Alex, one reason being it could be used in a feminine or masculine context right?

               Anyways, I was watching an episode of ugly Betty this morning  and we were introduced to the gorgeous character Alexis. Image

It’s funny how you hear things and don’t really take note but your mind has a grasp on it and it tends to come up at a later point in time. Derren Brown the magician explained how the human mind picks up on random stuff on one of his shows, anyways enough of the rambling, Carter came up well because, Carter’s a damn cool name 😀 . Alexis Carter makes me sound like a bond movie character, for instance, *activates British accent* The name’s Carter…Alexis Carter. awesome much? 😀 

The thing about using a real name is that you’re open to judgement from people who know you, and you can’t really figure yourself out if you’re constantly scared of being judged, hence the need for her. For now, welcome to my blog; I’m Alexis Carter.